Halfway Through Week One

And already I’ve learned a lot.

For example:
-if you put a bowl of apples on the table, be prepared to eat six of them
-Bear can blow through sixteen worksheet/art projects in about 30 minutes. So starting at seven is ill advised
-prepping the night before is essential
-artwork is not going to look how you want it to look. He is three.
-Rue will get into the art supplies the second you turn your back
-independent work isn’t a thing yet…
-home preschool is a strong motivator for getting dressed and brushing teeth in the morning
-its fun to watch how much fun they’re having


Homeschooling makes you a good mom right?

Hi! I’m Evelyn. I’m a stay at home mom to two (soon to be three) munchkins. I spend my days making sure my kids don’t hurt themselves or each other, fetching pre packaged snacks, and staring at¬†the lives of other stay at home moms on Instagram. Mom’s who have their lives figured out.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They have six kids, all of whom they¬†homeschool, their houses look perfectly curated, and they probably raise bees while volunteering at the soup kitchen on the side. Plus they have cute clothes and perfect haircuts.

I want to be that mom. But will settle for being a quarter like that mom.

In an effort to reach that goal one of my favorite fellow moms, Meaghan, and I have decided to attempt to homeschool our munchkins. We’ve gone all in. We purchased the Peaceful Preschool curriculum, we’ve met twice (TWICE I TELL YA!) to start the planning, we’ve set up space in our homes for it, we bought new art supplies, and we’ve made apple pompoms.

Letter A better be ready for us. Come Monday we’re starting this circus.